How to become more everyday mindful

The thing about mindfulness is that a lot of people often links it to meditation. Either as something only experienced yogis or ancient gurus practice, and for many it seems intimidating sitting with your own thoughts for x amount of time. The truth however, is that mindfulness is found in a various of different ways, and you can invite it into your life, without having to sit in the well known cross-legs ohm position, that lets just be  honest, can get quite uncomfortable in the long run. Luckily there is many other ways you can become more present and centered around yourself in your everyday hassle.

Practice Breathing Exercises

Ok so, previously I said that meditation didn’t had to be the only part of being mindful and maybe I was lying a tiny bit. A little white lie. Practicing deep, proper breathing (ideally every day), will have major benefits if you live a stressed and what at times can  seem like an overwhelming life. Paying attention to how you breathe, will slow down you pace and make you more relaxed and focus on your tasks. Next time you feel a bit defeated by you to do list before you even started, try use the 5-20-10 rule. Inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 20 seconds, and exhale for 10 seconds. Ahh, much better.

Be In Nature

Getting out into nature is great for energizing the mind and a brilliant way to release bad energy, you might have been stored within. Stress is one of the most common factors we face as a society today, living high paced, busy lives, adding only more and more pressure and check lists as we go along.

The green landscapes ability to reenergize the mind and make you slow down your pace, will not only benefit the cardiovascular health, it will also expand focus, awareness and creativity within your mind. In fact a UK study has showed that the act of walking in a peaceful outdoor environment was found to trigger “involuntary attention,” meaning that it holds attention while also allowing for reflection.

If you live far from a forest of any big green areas, become a frequent visitor of the parks in your city or listen to white noise sounds to get mindful back on track.

Plan A Social Media Detox

Leaving the electronics and social media alone for a day or two and focusing on an interest of yours instead, will take you away from the constant online socializing pressure, and give you time to focus your attention elsewhere. We live in an age where we have become slaves of the digital world, checking emails, replying to messages or uploading photos to our media platforms, that we forget that there is so much more to life, than getting those 100 likes on a status update or forming that 140 character tweet.

Focus On The Present

Way too often I experience how people (myself included) doesn’t actually listen and really pay attention to whom they are speaking with, but rather can’t wait to respond with an answer or solution to a conversation. This I believe, is called the multitasking syndrome, which has become quite popular in our day and age.

It is the belief, that we can do a various of different things, while listening to the person we are having a conversation with. However what we are eventually missing out on, is the act of being present with another human being, and becoming connected on a deeper level. So a good advice next time you engage in a chat with friends or loved ones, is to put way all electronics, magazines, so on, and you’ll be much better off.

Get Out Your Journal

Practicing graditude through writing has shown to increase the wellbeing in people. Scribble down a few sentences or list 3 things you are grateful for, every night before you go to sleep. Not only will you realize how privileged you are, you will also start feeling more relaxed and less worried, as you shift your perspective to what you do have, instead of what you are lacking in life.

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