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Oh New York, just by saying your name out loud, I already feel like planning my next trip to come visit you. You’re so fun, energetic and fascinating, yet so loud, annoying and busy. I think we’ll have to settle for a love hate relationship. One thing you with certainty don’t need to improve, is your ability to constantly come up with new suggestions of places to eat. Though being this large and ethnically diverse metropolis as you are, one can easily fall short and find himself overwhelmed by the countless of different choices you serve, and especially if you are following a vegan diet.

So to make sure you are not left in your hotel room with crackers and the cheapest humus you could find at the closest corner shop, here come 5 recommendations for vegan places to eat when in New York City.


Pressed Juicery

If you are in the city during summer time, make sure to head over to the Pressed Juicery to cool down. Originally, this place was established by tree girls seeking to bring awareness to health and wellbeing, and since incorporating cold pressed juices and juice cleanses into each of their lives, they wanted to share their discoveries. Now running shops all over the United States, the range of different combinations are many.

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Now if you are not really a fan of this way of cleansing the body, why not try the juices in another form? Freeze is the concept in which juicing suddenly becomes a treat. Using only juices from fruits, vegetables, coconut and almond, this soft serve frozen delight will for sure be added to your go to summer time favorite. Forget about frozen yogurt, this is the new thing to keep to refreshed and hydrated. The Freeze soft serve is a gluten and dairy-free dessert, all packed with the nutritions as found in the popular juice flavors.

Pressed Juicery is open in a various different locations all over the city.



If you looking for something a little unusual for dinner time, well then Hangawi might be the thing to go for. Though before heading off to the vegan korean restaurant placed in the heart of Korea town, it might be a good idea to make a reservation. This place, even on a regular weeknight was packed to the capacity. Second of all, wear nice socks. By entry you are asked to take off your shoes, before entering the main dining area. As you are lead to the table, you’ll find that it is only a bonus if you are also slightly limber. The tables are set low and you will have to kneel and tuck your legs underneath them, so that you are sitting at ground level, with your feet below on a heated mat.

Now we got that covered, let’s get to the fun stuff. Ordering off the menu can seem a little intimidating at first hand, since there are so many options to choose from, and with the menu written in korean as well as english, all in the same place, it can get confusing. When you have studied enough, get ready to place your order. Sharing is caring, so if you are more people looking to try out different things from the card, go for a few appetizers and then one to two main courses.

We went for a selection of gluten-free little papery dumplings, crispy mushrooms with sweet and sour sauce, organic zen noodles, and spicy kimchi. The big surprise for the evening though were the rice cakes. Spicy, slightly sweet and chewy these were a real culinary satisfaction and apparently it is also the number one street food in Korea.

In addition to that, we ordered an avocado stone bowl, which to our relief never made it to the table. I mean, it’s not like we were going to run of out food by any means. We finished it all up, with a deliciously sweet piece of vegan cake that came with a scoop of mango sorbet (how could we not). Let’s just say I did have to secretly unbutton my pants afterwards.

This place is a little more upscale than the rest, ($19-$30 pr. course) but for good reason. You leave full and satisfied, and the atmosphere of harmony and the service of friendly, smiling faces that want you to feel your best is impeccable.

12 East 32nd Street, New York



Located in various areas of Manhattan (with a new one opening soon on 3rd avenue, yay) TERRI is a plant based restaurant focused on giving you a wholesome, fresh and delicious food experience. Here is served everything from veggie bowls filled with the best greens of the season, to the classic veggie burger, or what about french toast for breakfast? The varieties are wide and whatever your hungry vegan heart is up for, I am sure you can find something that suit you. However do not leave without ordering one of their highly recommended smoothies! Yum!


This place is ideal for all hours of the day, whether you are an early bird out for adventure, or left with sore feet after a long trek around the empire city.

Financial District, 10 Maiden Lane, New York

Chelsea, 60 W 23rd street, New York

Midtown east, 685 3rd avenue, New York


Champs diner

Looking for the real classic american diner experience, then head over the bridge from Manhattan to the less crowded streets of Brooklyn and get your fix. Champs Diner, as the words have probably already given away, is a super chic place filled with all the foods of every vegan’s dreams. This is definitely the place you want to go for brunch on a Sunday.

Be prepared to que up though, in order to enter your new favorite vegan diner. This place seems to fill up quickly and for good reason. As you enter, you are immediately dragged into the atmosphere of this rather enticing space, that have you think back to the old school diners of america, real 1950’s style. *Spoiler alert* No, the staff is not rolling around on roller blades anymore. At least not here. Instead they are cheerful and more than willing to help you out when the stress of what to order takes over.

As you go through the menu you’ll see both bacon, mac’N cheese and pulled pork, popping up as part of the dishes and you will instantly get curious to how this is possible to make vegan. To be honest the menu holds a fair amount of selections, to the point where you’re left with some kind of frustration, it all looks so good. If in doubt, ask the staff for advise on which they prefer, you usually won’t get disappointed. We shared 3-4 courses from the menu and a shake, and I didn’t have anything else to eat for the rest of that day. You will soon realize that 3 courses might even had been too much, as the plates come in big and the food is rather heavy.

You can find Champs Diner at 197 Mesorole Street in Brooklyn


Dun Well Doughnuts

This really awesome place is a MUST go if it’s your first time to the city or you just happen to have a thing for baked goods! As the name states Dun Well Doughnuts is an all vegan doughnut shop and as far as I am concerned the first one of it’s kind in NYC. Serving over 200 different flavors, sundaes and french pressed coffees, all while keeping the style old school hip, you will soon start to get feel why this place has become so popular.

So get in line and be ready to pick your favorite from the stack, it will be worth the wait. Pair it with your preferred drink and watch the magic cake get served on a piece of wood, yes a piece wood. If you are not yet a donut connoisseur (not that I blame you), you will find that this is exactly what you need in order to satisfy your long hold craving for the popular treat.

Not long after visiting you will soon forget about the countless of times you have walked by the big franchise of Dunkin’ Donuts or any other donut shops really, sighing by the fact that you couldn’t indulge. Not only does it tastes good, it also feels good knowing that you have contributing to a sustainable environment and cruelty free baking. 

222 Montrose Ave

102 St. Marks Street
New York (newly opened… Success!)


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